About Me



Hello! I am Rakshit Chopra. 

An intellectual conversation maker. I love wandering and learning about the diverse cultures around the world. I have a very keen mind that likes to think about things, perspectives, and more. My interest is not just in the places but also in the people there, their ideology, businesses.

By pursuing my career in photography for almost two years and shooting for brand promotions made me realize that there’s more that I can do with my skills and interests. I started Digital Marketing knowing the people, the market requirements, the diverse ideologies, along with my photography skills to provide the best service possible.

Freelance Digital Marketer

Even though having a few months of experience, I have helped my clients rank better and generate traffic for their products and services. If you are someone looking to transform your business in tune with the digital era, you have come to the right place. 

I believe we are at the birth of a digital era and now is the right time to optimise and adapt ourselves before it gets too late. I love how powerful the digital medium can be to inform, generate and connect. 

  • Practical
  • Automation
  • Social Media
  • Research

My Alternate Personality

Being enthusiastically inclined towards photography from a very young age, I have always been interested in cameras until I decided it was time to transform this strong hobby into my passion and this led me to pursue it. Being always in search of new frames with my bizarre mind filled with creative concepts, my focus has been on creating fantastic content whenever I click the shutter button, be it portraits, fashion, architecture or nature.

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