Every brand has taken the online space to promote and market its products and services. With the year 2020 bringing the whole world to a halt, everyone spent more time in the digital world. Though it was a difficult time for all, it didn’t stop brands from coming up with creative marketing campaigns to reach their audience. From following the new trends to reminding us of the good old days, everyone tried to make the most of what was happening all around us. 

Here is the list of the most amazing digital marketing campaigns which has truly inspired the creativity in me

1. Google Nest mini – Google India

Google has always been up and coming with its creative and innovative advertisements to capture the mind of the people. With the launch of its new product GOOGLE NEST MINI, it aimed to capitalize on the Covid situation to the best. With work from home becoming the norm, the dependency on smart gadgets has been increasing rapidly. The marketing agency came up with a very lively script and made it into a 1-minute video advertisement that showed all the features of the product. It surely was received in a positive way and it was an instant success.

2. Amul India

Amul is a household Indian brand that has been always remembered for its quick and funny cartoons. Its appeal has been prevalent for generations. Amul came up with quirky cartoons and captions relative to what is happening in the country. From witty puns, catchy taglines, and funny visuals, Amul has been following the same pattern for several years which serves as a brilliant marketing campaign.

3. Dunzo

Dunzo is a relatively new brand but that hasn’t stopped it from having one of the best social media marketing strategies. With lockdown in effect, everyone was tuned to their TV set and many media houses started telecasting the old shows. This brought back all the nostalgia and made people remember the time when TV advertisement was the norm. Dunzo took action on social media platforms by redoing the iconic commercials while integrating the brand name, rewriting the tagline, and using the nostalgic factor to make itself known.

4.  Imperial blue – Men Will Be Men

Imperial Blue’s tagline “MEN WILL BE MEN” has always been quite popular. Depicting the stereotype men and their behaviour in various situations, the brand brings a sense of humour in their advertisements. Every year, the brand comes up with a short video advertisement revolving around the tagline. With their jingle being equally recognized, it surely leaves a mark every time it comes up with a new creation.

5. Spotify India

Spotify India came up with this brilliant marketing strategy which involved venturing into the family dynamics of the Indian households. The brand wanted to make everyone know about their playlist features which automatically has the best songs added according to the genre. The brand pointed out that gone are the days where one had to struggle hard to find the music of their choice and instead, it’s available at just a click away.

6. Savlon India – NoHandUnwashed

Touching one of the most important aspects of 2020, Savlon India tried to educate people to wash their hands regularly. They came up with a very inspiring video of Swapna Augustine from the MFPA (Mouth and foot painters association), following her everyday life. With a very strong ending, the brand tried to create its awareness by reminding people of the benefits of washing hands and the ease of it.

7. Zomato India


Zomato came up with a brilliant idea where they used social media as the perfect platform to reach all their audience. They set up a competition wherein the audience had to make a 1-minute ad on behalf of zomato and the winner would win 25 lacs. This was a perfect opportunity for all the creative thinkers during the lockdown to put their skills to work. Zomato in turn had got a massive brand following and also got amazing content for themselves. This was an excellent move from the brand which involved its own audience for its promotion.

Do let me know if you have your personal favourites in the comment box below.

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